Ethiopia History & Culture Tour

Unravel the mysteries of Ethiopia on this comprehensive historical and cultural tour. Travel through awe-inspiring landscapes, visiting the tall cliff-churches of Tigray and the world-renowned sites of Axum, Lalibela and Gondar. Explore atmospheric monuments including a temple dedicated to a moon god, the reputed home of the Ark of the Covenant, stark monoliths towering high above tombs of long-dead kings, and revered rock-cut churches packed with religious treasures. Spend time cruising on tranquil Lake Tana and see the importance of its island monasteries in local people’s everyday lives, and visit the awe-inspiring Blue Nile Fall.

North and South 20 days this trip focusses on the incredible historic and cultural sites of the north & south part of Ethiopia , from the amazing island monasteriesof Lake Tana. where you will Meet monks straight out of the medieval ages,explore the castles of Gondar and hike in the Simien Mountains,some of the best scenery in Africa and home to unique wildlifefound nowhere else. visiting the tall cliff-churches of Tigray and theworld-renowned sites of well as The World Heritage Site of Lalibela, which isset in the Lasta mountains and was the second capital ofancient Ethiopia. Dating back to at least the 12th Century, it isrenowned for its extraordinary rock-hewn churches, carved fromthe mountains, but still embedded in the granite from whichthey were shaped. and then you proceed and visit Omo valley,which is a little visited area of Ethiopia containing some of themost colorful tribes and ethnic groups of the continent. Thefascinating costumes, colorful ceremonies and celebrations, arts,crafts, music and dance of the Benna, Hamer, Mursi, Karo,Dessanetch, Arbore and Borena people are very special. In the OmoValley region many of the tribal groups have changed only verylittle over the last hundreds of years and they offer the visitorextraordinary insights into their traditional cultures.

Price will depend on the level of service and comfort you choose.

12 to 20 days individual tour
Guide in Simien Mountains and Danakil
March 9, 2020

One of our group had prior experience with Berhanu Asrat and suggested to organize our trip to Ethiopia with him. A perfect recommendation! I had high expectations, and Berhanu exceeded them. Organisationn, itinerary, transport, food – everything perfect. Berhanu was considering everyone of us, and gave support where +251933181780

HIGHLY recommend Taz Wagnew
Simien Mountains
February 26, 2020

The hike was a medium difficulty level, for me. The view and experience were truly fascinating. I was able to meet several types of travelers, from all over the world. Each night, we had a bon fire, and everyone would gather around. Everyone traded stories and riddles from Spain, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Germany, to any read more

A must see
Taz, Simien
September 23, 2015

Again I can recommend best tour organizer and it’s lovely owner Taz. He’s a very special young man who you can trust; he’s reliable and honest and knows the area like the back of his hand. He loves his country and will organize your trip and show you his part of it with consideration and read more

Simien Ethiopia Trekking by TAZ could be the right choice for you if you like:

  • to be treated well
  • to travel with somebody who call the Simien Mountains and Ethiopia his home
  • no international travel agency but a local business
  • support and advice from Switzerland/Germany if you like
  • that Taz personally cares about your happiness and wellbeing during the trip
  • personalized tours instead of one-fits-all